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A Luz
Laurent Filipe

I believe the perception we have of our own creative work is one where we are left with the feeling that we could have done better, because it would always have been different.

That which is most gratifying in music becomes at the same time that which is more frustrating, which is: the music is finished when, much like the painter who signs the canvas, we declare to ourselves that we have finished the piece and seek contentment out of what is left.

Music with a strong element of improvisation always reveals the immediate movement, whether it be good or bad. I donít look for pristine forms but rather to be able to capture that instant and unique moment which this kind of experience can provide. The takes here recorded are all first or only takes.
I like to think that the pieces I write are the motivating factor for those moments to occur. It is therefore impossible for me to dissociate the theme of a particular piece from the circumstances which inspired it as much as it is impossible to conceive the piece without expecting the musicians to instil a life into it which the piece alone does not have.

I donít believe a work of art should be the object of many explanations. Not only can one run the risk of being pleonastic but the emotional content of each piece should remain oneís own experience. Consequently the work justifies itself or not the moment it suggests something to anyone who feels it. The piece has to speak for itself.
My thematic choice does not seek to surprise but rather to identify with oneís own (un)conscious experience. If, in the context of an album, this experience is achieved by the listener in at least one piece, then the goal is fully reached.


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