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Interface OUT OF STOCK
Setve Lehman's Camouflage Trio
Mark Dresser (b), Pheeroan Aklaff (d), Steve Lehman (as),

Now 25, Steve Lehman is one of the fastest rising saxophonists in New York City's creative music scene. A former student of Jackie McLean and Anthony Braxton, Steve has collaborated with such seminal artists as Eddie Henderson, William Parker, Roy Campbell, Andrew Hill, Nasheet Waits, Anthony Braxton, Oliver Lake, Jay Hoggard, Steve Davis, Drew Gress, Mark Helias, Jimmy Greene, Mark Shim and Michele Rosewoman.

He’s surely one of New York’s best kept secrets, but not for long. His incredible talent is getting known more and more.
His latest ensembles include, Fieldwork (Collective) with Vijay Iyer and Elliot Kavee and a quintet with rotating members that include Drew Gress, Mark Shim, Eric McPherson, Chris Dingman and Tyshawn Sorey.

As a composer, Lehman has written pieces for large orchestra and chamber ensembles which have been performed by the Furious Ensemble, the Janacek Philharmonic, Marilyn Nonken, and members of Ensemble Sospeso, among others. He has received grants from the World Music Institute, the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, the Ostrava New Music Days Festival and the prestigious Fulbright Grant. In the Fall of 2002, Lehman joined the faculty at the Paris Conservatory where he teached an undergraduate course on current trends in improvised music. This year, two new recording of Lehman's original music are being released: Artificial Light (Fresh Sound New Talent) with Mark Shim, Eric McPherson, Drew Gress and Chris Dingman, and Interface (Clean Feed) with Mark Dresser and Pheeroan akLaff.

His fire, creativity and enormous technique is balanced with his unsuspected respect for the tradition. This is the only way to play with such different names and approaches to music as the ones by Mark Shim, William Parker, Drew Gress, Roy Campbell and Michele Rosewoman. This is what you can learn being a student of both Jackie McLean and Anthony Braxton, you get the best from both worlds.

And this is just the beginning.


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