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Live in Ljubljana
Trumpets and Drums
Jim Black (d), Nate Wooley (t), Paul Lytton (d), Peter Evans (t),

Trumpet and drums, or more exactly: two trumpets and two drumsets. The trumpeters, Nate Wooley and Peter Evans, are used to playing together, but itís a first finding such different drummers (one a natural born rhythmicist, the other an architect of textures) as Jim Black and Paul Lytton playing together. Wooley has a duo with Lytton, and Evans worked with the two men holding the sticks. So, donít think thereís a double duet acting here, or that previous Wooley / Evans or Wooley / Lytton experiences give a base of security to the events heard. As the wild card of the quartet, Black would easily (just by being himself) cut off all attempts to go to chartered terrain, but truth is he doesnít need to: veteran improviser Lytton and the two younger horn players are known, precisely, for their ability to contradict themselves and to perform the unexpected. So, ďTrumpet and DrumsĒ isnít the kind of summit you normally get when the same instruments are on stage. Thereís no battle of skills, even if theyíre well evident. Thatís something else what conducts this meeting of giants: to find what the mirrors donít show. And the four musicians do find what they search for, and so can you.


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