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Jeff Arnal (perc), Nate Wooley (t), Reuben Radding (b), Seth Misterka (as),

If having a balletic sense of time made percussionist Jeff Arnal very requested among choreographers, his hability to deploy a wide range of colors and dynamics turned him into a composer, even when heís just improvising. An incontornable figure in the front line of the new improvisation scene worldwide, we can find him playing with inovators like Briggan Krauss, Dietrich Eichmann, Michael Evans, Ken Filiano, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Kermit Driscoll or Okkyung Lee, names of the most advanced music we can find today.

Arnalís group Transit includes an old companion of adventures, alto saxophonist Seth Misterka, member of the Anthony Braxtonís Ghost Trance Ensemble and his partner in duo and trio records where we take notice of an inteligent use of extended techniques. Nate Wooley is the man with the trumpet, a musician very near the reductionist school, in the line of Axel Dorner, Franz Hautzinger and Birgit Ulher, and like them he mixes in his playing free jazz chops with contemporary classical, noise music and even lower-case electronics, even if itís entirely acoustic. Reuben Radding, the bassist, likes to sound his entire instrument.

For him, musical notes arenít suficient, we hear also the wood of the double bass cracking; this when heís not exploring multiphonics with the arco, like he did in a much applauded duet with Daniel Carter. Some say this is the most European music that can come from American players, but when European jazz is becoming to sound American the truth is that the Atlantic Ocean no longer makes the diference. Improvisation is finally universal...


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