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Eric Mingus

Carla Bley, Karen Mantler, Bobby McFerrin and, more recently, Elliott Sharp couldn’t be wrong – the voice of Eric Mingus, son of Charles (“the punkest cat around in the 50s and 60s”, as one music critic puts it), is unique, and he confirmed it with “Um...Er...Uh...”, a rhythm and blues / jazz / soul album that showed he has is own path to walk, completely independent of the one acomplished by his father, even if Eric also plays the double bass. And even if, like the band leader, this singer and spoken word performer loves to take popular forms of music and give them an avant-garde twist, as the press noticed already. In this record and in “Too Many Bullets, Not Enough Soul” the ex-boxeur and ex-bartender reveals himself as a poet and not only a lyric writer – the song “His Blood’s in Me” is an excelent poetic reflection put to music about his personal experience as a “mulato” in a racist society. His partnership with Sharp (producer and player in “Too Many Bullets...”) centred him in the blues tradition, thanks specially to the guitarrist’s song project Terraplana. Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding have a heir in Eric Mingus...

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