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Joe Fonda

From his presence in several Anthony Braxton’s ensembles (and in the board of directors of the saxophonist’s Tri-Centric Foundation) to his duo with the Chinese guzheng player Xu Fengxia, Joe Fonda revealed himself as one of the most briliant double bassists in the United States. His bandmate in the Fonda / Stevens Group, trumpeter Herb Robertson calls him “Nuclear Joe”, such is his curiosity for all things musical (and not only), be it jazz or Asian traditions. “I’ve never been into separating music. For me it’s always been part of the same continuum. That’s just the way I’ve always been”, said Fonda about his many loves in what concerns the art of sounds. That’s the reason why the project he maintains for more than a decade with Michael Jefry Stevens had already the participation of hip-hop artist Napoleon Maddox. Even if virtuoso and an explorer of extended techniques, Fonda doesn’t like to show off. Instead of ocupying a front position, he prefers to contribute in equal measure to a colective effort. He likes to escape from conventions, for instance including tap dancer Brenda Bufalino as a member of a music group . Afterall, he was himself a dancer in the past.

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