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Paula Oliveira

Singer with classical and ancient music (with none other than René Jacobs) studies, Ana Paula Oliveira manifested an interest to jazz very early in her life, taking shape and dimension after a workshop in Estoril with Rufus Reid and Reggie Workman and a residency of work in the Taller de Musics of Barcelona. Meeting saxophonist Phil Woods in a seminary of the Manhattan School of Music and after that the singer Norma Winston completed the transformation. Her first CD, “Paula Oliveira Featuring”, manifests another music devotion: Brasilian tunes. Leading her own quartet with Rodrigo Gonçalves (piano), Bernardo Moreira (bass, teacher of several generations of bassists in the school of Lisbon’s Hot Club) and André Sousa Machado or Carlos Carli (drums), she started to tour very often around Portugal, also going frequently to other countries, and specially the United States, where she finds her sources of inspiration. With Moreira, she recorded “Lisboa que Adormece”, with just a voice and double bass in jazz versions of songs by Sérgio Godinho, José Niza and José Luís Tinoco, or putting music to the words of poets Manuel Alegre and Ary dos Santos. Her most important release is “Quase Então”, a duo effort with pianist João Paulo Esteves da Silva that goes deep in the Portuguese musical heritage.

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