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Paulo Curado

With classical formation and jazz / improvisation as his principal interest, flutist and saxophone player (alto and soprano) Paulo Curado is a constant presence in the Portuguese popular music scene, including some of the great baladiers connected with the spirit of the carnation uprising of 1974 that instaured democracy in this country, and also a composer for theater, dance, cinema and television very much compromised with animation and the difficult task to tell stories and make music to children. Namely, he’s one of the authors of the most interesting record (turned theater show and TV series) ever made in Portugal for kids, “Bom Dia, Benjamin”, in which jazz is a strong component. Curado is a searcher, a curious musician that likes to experiment, be it his colaboration with comics author António Jorge Gonçalves, in a project in which improvised playing is combined with the projection of real time designing, or his association with a sextet of laptop computers in a surprising experimental concert, or using his horns with the berimbau and African talking drum of Rui Júnior and the tablas of Bhupinda Shaggar. Most important, for him, is to practice “the art of improvising without a theme”, as pianist João Paulo Esteves da Silva puts it and we hear in the album “As Sete Ilhas de Lisboa”. Paulo Curado even considers that making music without a composer is the democratic correct way of doing it these times.

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