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Paul Dunmall

One of the most powerful tenor and soprano saxophonists in a very well served country (Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill and John Butcher are only three greats among what Britain has to offer), Paul Dunmall is also a versatile authority with the bagpipes. He was one of the founders of the colective Mujician, with the pianist Keith Tippett, a former colaborator of the legendary prog rock band King Crimson. This son of a working class family can be loud and jazzy, or he can turn abstract in a free improvised situation. In duo (with bassist Paul Rogers or drummer Tony Levin, for instance) or with a big band, Dunmall has the same punch and objectivity, at the same time knowing when to retreat and to listen what the other(s) are doing. He’s aware of the meditative quality of music, something he learned when, still young, he lived in an American ashram led by guru Maharaj Ji. Back then, he knew and practiced the music of John Coltrane (and the truth is that he’s maybe the most coltranean of all British avant garde sax players) and even played with his wife, Alice Coltrane, herself a spiritual leader. Member since 1987 of the London Jazz Composers Orchestra, jazz and improvisation aren’t his only interests. His CV includes a twelve month tour with Johnny “Guitar” Watson and colaborations with folk musicians Kevin Dempsey, Martin Jenkins and Polly Bolton.

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