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Rob Brown

Alto saxophonist (and sometimes flutist) Rob Brown studied with John Coltrane’s teacher, Dennis Sandole, and with Lee Konitz and Joe Lovano, three names that are present somehow in his sound and in his personal style, a kind of loose, but logically maintained, flux of thought. Matthew Shipp is his more regular partner (his debut recording, “Sonic Explorations”, is a duo with the pianist), but Brown has also performed with Cecil Taylor, Rashied Ali, Fred Hopkins, Grachan Moncur III, William Parker, Tim Berne, Mark Dresser, Dennis Charles, Billy Bang, Borah Bergman, Joe Morris and a long list of post-free jazz musicians active in New York. He’s also the musical director of two dance companies, the Elaine Shipman’s SITU Dance Troupe and the K-2 Dance Company. This member of Parker’s Little Huey Orchestra has a solid freebop vocabulary and he functions to most hears as the missing link between Paul Desmond and Ornette Coleman, dealing with emotions and form in a not very usual way. Even in more chamber-like situations he can be rough and afirmative, needing some time to expose his ideas. One of the highlights of his carier was to play with Henry Grimes, the bassist who performed and recorded with Albert Ayler and Sunny Murray that everybody thought was dead. It happened in an edition of the Vision Festival which was a sort of reverse memorial. “It was a really special performance for me. After all, he is on some of my favorite records”, he told about it.

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