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Ivo Perelman

The much talked connection between free jazz and abstract expressionism in the visual arts is particularly evident in the work of the Brazilian (turned New Yorker) Ivo Perelman. Musician and painter, he plays the way he paints, with fire. A trained classical guitar player, his main instrument is the tenor saxophone, but he also uses the piano, the clarinet and the cello. Perelman’s tenor style is reminiscent of Albert Ayler and late John Coltrane, very intense and with a round tone, coming directly from the tradition of Coleman Hawkins. But he’s not just a name to add to the gallery of tenor sax giants. “Man of the Forest”, his album with pieces based on thematic ideas by the Brazilian modern classical composer Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959), is a good example of how wide his musical concerns are. This his another kind of “fire music”, with Latin-American inflections in the way he deals with emotions, more than with rhythm. Ivo Perelman’s sax honks and growns, with a overblowing frequent register that explores circular breathing techniques, but there’s no rage in these proceedings, rather a primal expression of the soul. Perelman is the man of the forest refered in the title of that beautiful record.

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