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Mark Dresser

Mark Dresser studied with two visionary bassists, Bertram Turetzky and Franco Petracchi, and he turned one himself. With classical formation and a great interest for contemporary and new music, if jazz is his language of choice, implying the acceptance of it’s entire tradition – having Charles Mingus, Wilbur Ware and Ray Brown as heroes –, he improvises and composes it with an experimental perspective. He was a member of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra in his 20s, but at the same time he played with Stanley Crouch’s Black Music Infinity. Other musicians in this big band were James Newton, David Murray, Arthur Blythe and Bobby Bradford. Other partners when he setled in New York were (and still are, sometimes) Ray Anderson, Gerry Hemingway, Robert Dick and Mark Helias. What a start! Later, he was invited by Anthony Braxton to join the longest-running of the multi-instrumentalist’s ensembles, his quartet with Marilyn Crispell at the piano. There’s an interesting story about this group: during a train travel for a gig, intrigued with Braxton’s silence about what they were going to do in that session, they asked for instructions and he just told them to play standards, not one by one but several simultaneously. And it worked! All the possibilities were open for the performer, and one of them was Arcado, a chamber jazz string trio with violinist Mark Feldman and cellist Hank Roberts, later replaced by Ernst Reijseger. Dresser’s many colaborations with hyperpianist Denman Maroney started then and the first was called Tambastics. The scores for historic silent films like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Un Chien Andalou followed, and also for the video-art of Tom Leeser, the animations of Sarah Jane Lapp and the sculptures of Robert Taplin. Compositions for flute virtuoso Mathias Ziegler and a free improvised duo with cello desconstruccionist Frances Marie Uiti put his name even higher. His recent and fantastic double bass solo for Clean Feed, “Unveil”, is the cherry on top of it all.

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Mark Dresser
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Mark Dresser / Ed Harkins / Steven Schick
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Mark Dresser Quintet
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