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Gerry Hemingway

photo credit-Gunnar Holmberg

We can say there’s two Gerry Hemingways, depending on which side of the Atlantic Ocean he’s in and who is at his side. If in the Old Continent, he works mainly with free improvisors, like Frank Gratkowski, Wolter Wierbos, John Butcher or Thomas Lehn (and Portuguese duo Telectu, by the way), in more non-idiomatic contexts and using electronic devices and instruments – don’t we forget that his “Electro-Acoustic Solo Works” is a German release.

In the New World he tends to get idiomatic, mixing hard bop and free jazz in his quartet with Ray Anderson, Robin Eubanks or Herb Robertson blowing their horns, Mark Helias, Michael Formanek or Mark Dresser plucking the double bass and saxophonist Ellery Eskelin as the only permanent member beside him. Not that he plays his drums differently. Even in terms of aesthetics this has more to do with nuance than with a real option.

After all, this is the same percussionist that worked for several years with the most “European” of all the American jazz masters, Anthony Braxton, in the sense that the music of this multi-instrumentalist have some connections with the “classical” contemporary tradition and with the experimental front active in Europe. As it happens with Braxton, Hemingway is only adding more vocabulary and gramatics to his playing, and you bet that his other side is also present when he’s imersed in freebop.

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