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Tom Chant

Member of the well known Cinematic Orchestra (a group very much like Alice Coltrane with turntables, computer atmospheres and groovy beats) and the Eddie Prévost Trio, free jazz combo lead by the percussionist of the legendary collective AMM, the British soprano saxophonist and sometimes bass clarinetist and keyboards player is the example of someone at ease in a great variety of contexts, from total improvisation to jazz, to club music and to pop song. Playing with radicals Steve Noble, Veryan Weston, Rhodri Davies, Gail Brand, John Edwards and John Bisset or with the DJ band Coldcut, the MC Roots Manuva and the singer Fontella Bass (of Art Ensemble of Chicago fame), Tom Chant is known for the extended techniques with which he changes the vocabulary and even the nature of the soprano. Reason enough for being invited by Portuguese experimental duo Telectu as third performer, as we can hear in the triple album “Quartets”, with Prévost, Sunny Murray and Gerry Hemingway as special guests. Inspired by Steve Lacy’s logical constructions but also by Maceo Parker’s syncopated saxophonisms, Chant is becoming one of the great innovators of his first instrument.

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