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Carlos Zíngaro

Knowing the music of Ornette Coleman, Jimi Hendrix and John Cage in his youth turned the classically trained Portuguese violinist Carlos Zíngaro in what he his now: one of the most important names in the international improvised music scene made with strings. Playing acoustically or with electronics, the also composer for dance and theatre is a regular partner of musicians like Joelle Léandre, Daunik Lazro, Richard Teitelbaum and Paul Lovens, but he played with everybody that matters in the avant jazz and experimental fields, from Mats Gustafsson to Otomo Yoshihide, with Tom Cora, Derek Bailey, George Lewis, John Butcher, Philip Jeck, Axel Dorner and many others in that enormous group of musicians. He has a round and thick sound that seems to come from a reed instrument, and that’s because his most cherished musical references are clarinetists and soprano saxophonists and not violinists (Leroy Jenkins is an exception) – Steve Lacy, to begin with. One example is the piece “Shakuhachi” (from his solo album recorded in the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon), which seems to be played with the Japanese bamboo flute. Assuming the cause of free music, for Zíngaro, is to adapt himself to any circumstances, be it the chamber-like situations of “Music For Strings, Percussion and Electronics”, with the ZFP Quartet (with Simon H. Fell, Marcio Mattos and Mark Sanders), the microsound improvisations of “Grammar”, with the Punctual Trio (with Fred Lonberg-Holm and Lou Malozzi), the “deep listening” (refering to the Pauline Oliveros’s concept) approach of “Falling Water”, with Joe Giardullo and a drone of water constantly running and lots of stone reverb, or the hard-driven modern jazz of “Space Between”, with Ken Filiano and Rodrigo Amado.

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The Space Between
Rodrigo Amado - Carlos Zíngaro - Ken Filiano
T.E.C.K. String 4tet
Spectrum String Trio
“Zíngaro” / Regef / DeJoode
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