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Jesus Santandreu

The Valencian’s (Spain) Jesus Santandreu, tenor saxophonist and a John Coltrane acolyte, crossed several times with Portuguese jazz. He’s a member of the Unit lead by bassist Zé Eduardo in "A Jazzar no Zeca", based on the revolutionary songs of José Afonso, and solos with him and Jack Walrath in the Mingusian album "Bad Guys".

Considered an emergent talent worldwide, notable for its round and pregnant sonority, full of power, objectivity and drive. And Santandreu also knows how to deal with his Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon and Archie Shepp references. His playing is modal and aligned with the post-bop tradition, but he can be abstract and avant garde, even though in a swinging way.

A serious rival for the more known (the problem of living in a peripheric country) Ellery Eskelin, Jesus Santandreu honks, snorts and (tongue) slaps, overblowing and constructing multiphonics. Do you remember the wah-wah sax played by Ian Underwood with Zappa’s Mothers of Invention? The Spanish musician does it too, plugging his instrument to electricity and effect gadgets...

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A Jazzar no Zeca – A Música de José Afonso OUT OF STOCK
Zé Eduardo Unit
Bad Guys
Ze Eduardo/ Jack Walrath Quartet
A Jazzar – Live in Capuchos
Zé Eduardo Unit
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